Hymns for Machines

by Trinity Ward

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A little bit of Kraftwerk and a touch of Pink Floyd and other 70s and 80s influences.

Inspired by a trip I once made on State Route 375, the Extraterrestrial Highway, in a gleaming machine to Rachel, Nevada, where the rumoured black machines of men and beyond are to be found in Area 51. What mechanical rhythms would accompany them? A moment, under the spirally starlight of the Milky Way and next to a restricted area sign authorising deadly force that became the genesis of Hymns for Machines.

“Combining retro with a very modern sensibility, the quirky electronica of Trinity Ward is showcased in a brand new collection, 'Hymns For Machines' which in spite of the title is possibly the most emotional and even subtly melancholic offering thus far.. and of course we will play-listing tracks ALL over the NBTMusicRadio's 24 hour stream."

Named 13th Best Album of 2015 by NBTMusic Radio (Germany) nbtmusicradio.org/views/albums2015.html. Includes the track Hymn of a Sorrowful Mind, named 19th Best Single of 2015 nbtmusicradio.org/views/tracks2015.html

Tracks from this album appear on the following compilations: Instrumental Indie Music, Night Time Chill Out Music, Coffee Break Chill Out, Relaxing Sleep Music.


released May 12, 2015

Compositions and artwork by Trinity Ward.

A special thank you to Synth City on Phoenix 98 FM (UK), Simon Thomas and Sine FM 102.6 (UK), Phil Crowder and Sheppey FM (UK), 101 Dimensions podcast on Progzilla, Miskin Radio - Strange Fruit with Neil Nixon (Kent, UK), Martin Turner and DCR Dover Community Radio (UK), Martin and The NBT Music Radio Station (Germany), HotWaxRadio (US), Sequences Podcast (Australia), Echochamber podcast (Germany), Earbits Radio (US) and Traxx on RTV Krimpenerwaard (Netherlands) for playing Trinity Ward.


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Trinity Ward New Zealand

Hello abductee. I make Scifitronica: ambient sci-fi synthpop. It's a cosmic blend of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and other great 80s music embracing diverse styles including electronica, ambient, and industrial.

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Track Name: Machinations of a Mad Machine Mind
Warning: Explicit Lyrics