Incoherent Light

by Trinity Ward

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Incoherent Light is a relentlessly positive album of xeno-ethnic instrumental synth-pop. Turn off your television, tone down the terror, forget the war against Eastasia and bliss out for half an hour of uplifting retro-futuristic electronica.

"22nd Best Album of 2018" NBTMusic Radio.

Review, Floorshime Zipper Boots.
"The emphasis in Trinity Ward’s latest album, Incoherent Light, falls on hypnotic melodicizing and an enjoyably peculiar evolution of sounds and instrumental voices throughout. The seven tracks execute musical ideas with excellence, holding the listener’s interest with varying approaches to the genre of electronica, including greatly varied tempos and stylistic feels. Tasteful integration of instruments and structural contour throughout the album play as a strength; synthesized instruments of almost every kind share the spotlight, from vocals, keys and pads, to drums, sitar, and harmonica. The album is delightfully out-of-the-box, taking recognizable acoustic instruments and applying them in new and unusual ways. Mixed well and produced well, the clear instrumentation and musical ideas throughout make this album engaging to listen to and invites the listener to simply sit back and enjoy the ride."

NZ Musician

"22nd Best Album of 2018" NBT Music Radio.


released June 13, 2018

Compositions and artwork by Trinity Ward.

A special thank you to Synth City on Phoenix 98 FM (UK), Simon Thomas and Sine FM 102.6 (UK), Phil Crowder and Sheppey FM (UK), 101 Dimensions podcast on Progzilla, Miskin Radio - Strange Fruit with Neil Nixon (Kent, UK), Martin Turner and DCR Dover Community Radio (UK), Martin and The NBT Music Radio Station (Germany), HotWaxRadio (US), Sequences Podcast (Australia), Echochamber podcast (Germany), Earbits Radio (US) and Traxx on RTV Krimpenerwaard (Netherlands) for playing Trinity Ward.


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Trinity Ward New Zealand

Hello abductee. I make Scifitronica: ambient sci-fi synthpop. It's a cosmic blend of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and other great 80s music embracing diverse styles including electronica, ambient, and industrial.

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