The Majestic

by Trinity Ward

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Roswell 1947. Rumours spread of an alien spacecraft crashing and the bodies of its crew being recovered. Documents later emerge outlining the existence of The Majestic 12, a super secret committee of scientists, government officials and military men, who lead the investigation and recovery. But what if the Majestic 12 were in fact the occupants of the spacecraft? Beings of light brought to Earth in their advanced machines only to meet a catastrophic fate at the scapel-wielding hands of the local savages in the name of their primitive science.


Named 13th Best Album of 2016 by NBTMusic Radio (Germany)

"Trinity Ward is one sneaky Alien ElectroIndie traveller, his newest album is full of dance, sadness, retro, modern, deceptively simple grooves,and subtle layers all mixed into one fine collection and MOST welcome into the NBTMusicRadio's 24 hour stream" NBTMusic Radio, Germany.

"I have listened to this album fully and regard this album as an
excellent electronic album, strong rhythmically and strong harmonically. Very well structured tracks with plenty of electronic-atmospherics. As a summary i would say The Majestic is an excellent electronic studio album. All 6 tracks are very strong and consistently atmospheric. Well worth a full listen." Simon Thomas, Sine FM, UK.


released November 15, 2016

Compositions and artwork by Trinity Ward.

A special thank you to Synth City on Phoenix 98 FM (UK), Simon Thomas and Sine FM 102.6 (UK), Phil Crowder and Sheppey FM (UK), 101 Dimensions podcast on Progzilla, Miskin Radio - Strange Fruit with Neil Nixon (Kent, UK), Martin Turner and DCR Dover Community Radio (UK), Martin and The NBT Music Radio Station (Germany), HotWaxRadio (US), Sequences Podcast (Australia), Echochamber podcast (Germany), Earbits Radio (US) and Traxx on RTV Krimpenerwaard (Netherlands) for playing Trinity Ward.


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Trinity Ward New Zealand

Hello abductee. I make Scifitronica: ambient sci-fi synthpop. It's a cosmic blend of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and other great 80s music embracing diverse styles including electronica, ambient, and industrial.

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